dreamboxEDIT Update

  • added option to disable service type indicators in front of servicenames (options panel GUI)
  • added new cleanup function for local picon directory (removes all picons not found in any user bouquet)
    Note: the other option removes only picons not found in both lamedb AND user bouquets
  • added High-DPI support / scaling natively without losing sharpness
  • added scaling factors 100%, 125%, 150% and auto (depends on system setting)
    Note: this will override the font size selection which is now only used on 100% factor
  • added 64-bit build of dreamboxEDIT
    Note: use VLC 32-bit for standard and VLC 64-bit for x64 version of dreamboxEDIT
  • improved dreamboxEDIT installer: new accessibility options (high contrast mode, scaling mode)
  • improved automatic VLC path detection for use with 32-bit/64-bit dreamboxEDIT/VLC at the same time
  • improved manually set VLC path is now separately saved for 32-bit/64-bit VLC
  • fixed writing hidden/numbered markers (some invalid descriptions were written before)

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