dreamboxEDIT MacOS X Beta

  • improved hints placement
  • added Lithuanian translation
  • language file updates
  • OpenSSL security updates
  • updated IP stack
  • Special: wine will be there, Installation Folder: c:⁄users⁄dreamscreencast⁄dreamboxEDIT, not set Settings folder, use the Installation Folder!

Download ( Beta MacOS X) wurde mal herunter geladen

Diese Beta Version für MacOS X wurde mit der stable Version von Wine erstellt.

  1. Seems the windows are not always on top. An error message is just visible behind another window but I cannot move it to be visible. Hitting enter starts retrieving data, but then there is another invisible error. So difficult to see what’s happening, only CTRL-ALT-DEL helps.

    I have
    windows 10, 64 bit and
    version connecting to a
    DM8000 with Openpli 4

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